2018 and a new project

New year, new project! While I am still finishing work on the dissertation (with upcoming conferences in Philadelphia and Louisville to showcase some of that work), I’m excited to play a small part in a new digitization effort by Adam Matthew Digital. Two colleagues and friends from the WWII Institute and I are indexing German service newspapers from the Second World War, which will now for the first time be available online. The titles include Die Wehrmacht, Die Kriegsmarine, Wacht im Westen, Wacht im Osten, Wacht im Südosten, Die Wacht im Norden and Der Kampf. While they are unfortunately not complete series in each case, there are nevertheless hundreds of issues that have been digitized and will soon be available to scholars all over the world.

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  1. Since this is a History of Germany website I thought it would recognize some of the characters and entities in my search interest. I was looking for information on the ownership, leadership and movements of the Regiment, Infanterie Alsace, purportedly consisting of a majority of German soldiers. It appears to have been formed April !6, 1656 by Jean Louis de Nassau-Weilburg. The regiment was later passed to his brother-in-law (1667) of Birkenfeld-Zweibrucken a branch of the House Wittelbach-Bayern. Sometime in May, 1696 it was passed onto a Christian III of the house of Birkenfeld-Bischweiler.
    It seems that it should have been a part of the French movements in the area south of the Rhine (Burgundy, Savoy, Piedmont and Tyrol) to finalize possessions in the Nine Years War to the year 1701.
    Perhaps I did not search properly. If any of the above information is actually available from your website, please, inform me?

    1. Dear sir: thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, this site just serves as a research blog for my various projects – and primarily on the service of German troops in the American War of Independence. The Infanterie Regiment Alsace sounds like another fascinating unit, but unfortunately I cannot help answer your questions. If this did become the moderately famous Regiment Zweibrücken (Deux Pont), they saw service in North America as part of the French army contingent. There is information on this regiment (and in fact a couple of journals survive) for this period, but I do not know what might exist for it in previous iterations and campaigns. (I will also send you an email, as I do not know if you will be notified of this post.)

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