2018 and a new project

New year, new project! While I am still finishing work on the dissertation (with upcoming conferences in Philadelphia and Louisville to showcase some of that work), I’m excited to play a small part in a new digitization effort by Adam Matthew Digital. Two colleagues and friends from the WWII Institute and I are indexing German service newspapers from the Second World War, which will now for the first time be available online. The titles include Die Wehrmacht, Die Kriegsmarine, Wacht im Westen, Wacht im Osten, Wacht im Südosten, Die Wacht im Norden and Der Kampf. While they are unfortunately not complete series in each case, there are nevertheless hundreds of issues that have been digitized and will soon be available to scholars all over the world.

Fall 2017

It’s been awful quiet here recently due to some big news on the personal front: a cross-country move and a new (non-academic) job while I finish work on the dissertation.

There are several posts planned with research updates, as well as some neat documentary finds. In the immediate future, I am excited to present ongoing research at the Northern Great Plains History Conference in Grand Forks, ND this October. My good friend and colleague Jesse Pyles and I are presenting together on a panel that examines Britain’s military alliances in two case studies: the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps in WWI and, of course, the Hessians in the American War of Independence. I look forward to sharing details about the conference after I return!

Erster Versuch

With the practice of History (and pedagogy in general) moving more and more into the various corners of the digital world, many historians are engaging their audiences online. So far, I have only bored my Facebook friends with pictures of research trips, snippets from sources, and thoughts about the discipline in general. I will give this blog a try as a new medium for this old practice (and give those poor souls a break!) by posting research outtakes, trip notes, and the like. Whether I can remember to update it is another issue entirely.